Federal Workers Compensation Coffee Break

Episode 25 Federal Workers Compensation Coffee Break Podcast - Federal Disability Retirement

August 09, 2022 Dr. Taylor Season 1 Episode 25
Federal Workers Compensation Coffee Break
Episode 25 Federal Workers Compensation Coffee Break Podcast - Federal Disability Retirement
Show Notes

Federal Workers Compensation Coffee Break Podcast is about all things related to Federal Workers Compensation, FECA, OWCP, DOL & Longshore claim filing as an injured federal worker.  The podcast is an educational and informative training on how to navigate the DOL -OWCP claims filing process for all types of injured US government and federal workers. The podcaster has 27 years in assisting with federal workers compensation as a consultant and trainer. The podcast is free and is educational. If you need help with anything related to a federal workers compensation claim...help is just a cup of coffee away.

If you are an employee of the federal government or the United States Postal Service and suffer from an injury or illness that prevents you from providing your job position requirements or any other useful service in your current or any other type of position, you may qualify for disability retirement benefits through the Office of Personnel Management.  So today I will step out of just OWCP discussion usual topics …because I have so many people ask questions about Federal retirement, SSDI, FERS, retirement and disability filing for people especially in the POST OFFICE, SO… I will try to explain the very general basics related to  disability retirement for Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) employees. 
 There are several requirements for FERS disability retirement. You must be in a federal position covered by FERS with at least 18 months of creditable service and become disabled. 

The following criteria must be documented in order to qualify for FERS: 

• A deficiency in service with respect to performance, attendance or conduct, or, in the absence of any actual service deficiency, a showing that the medical condition is incompatible with either useful service or retention in the position; 

• A medical condition that is defined as a health impairment resulting from disease or injury, including work-related injury or psychiatric disease; 

• A relationship between the service deficiency and the medical condition such that the medical condition has caused the service deficiency; 

• The duration of the medical condition, both past and expected, and a showing that the condition, in all probability, will continue for at least one year from the date the application for disability retirement has been filed; 

• another criteria is The inability of the employing agency to reasonably accommodate the employee’s medical condition (which happens commonly to work-related injuries) and, 

• The agency’s consideration of the employee for reassignment to any vacant position within the employing agency and commuting area, at the same grade or pay level, for which the employee is qualified.
Dr. Taylor's educational podcast utilizes his experience and history as a DOL - OWCP provider and his years of consulting and teaching all things federal workers compensation related. This is an educational short form format for learning how to successfully file federal workers compensation claims. So grab a cup of coffee and lets begin.

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